Short film created solely on Processing

Hello everybody,
I’m new to this forum and I’m new to Processing in general.
I wanted to ask if anybody is aware of short films created solely on Processing?

I know many people have created clips with different shapes and forms, but I can’t find a movie with beginning, middle and an end that is created using Processing only. I don’t mean importing another video file and manipulating it further on Processing, but actually creating all the characters and action on Processing.

Thank you for your time.


I am not aware of any but I am sure there are some and that it can be done.

But I think you want to try Blender instead.

Read what hamoid wrote here about Blender:

And welcome to the forum!


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Processing is very often used in conjunction with Kinect. You can have very interesting effects. Visit this link where you can see some videos made with Processing, 3p libs and Kinect.

Hi @ilianfilm,

If by “short film” you mean a sequence of composed shots that are following a chronology, there are plenty of art/data visualisation installations that fit into this category. For example this project

(Visuals by Shohei Matsukawa, made with Processing)

If, however, you are looking for something less abstract that involves characters with an explicit story, I’m afraid you won’t find much material. There was one video that I had stumbled on a while ago that was very close to the critieria you mentionned but infortunately I can’t find it anymore. All I remember is that it was very similar to these low-poly/low-fi videos that Jack Stauber is making with Blender:

(“Help” by Jack Stauber, probably made with Blender)

Thank you everybody.
Yes, what i meant is a short film with a explicit story with actual beginning, middle and an end. A story in which you have a protagonist that wants to achieve a goal and an antagonist that prevents him from doing so.
There are some amazing composed shots, but they don’t tell an actual story. I couldn’t find any short movies, that’s why I wanted to ask here. It doesn’t seem there are any out there. Thank you again

It could be done.

But processing as a programming language is relatively low level. Meaning you can place a box in 3D. But you cannot have a full figure / character and tell it to walk from A to B.

You could but you would start with boxes or bits of code you find. You would write probably a framework/ collection of tools to accomplish this.

But it would be gruesome and reinventing the wheel. Instead better turn to Blender.

I am certain Processing is capable of this. I would you like to see you take the challenge.

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I’m working on it as we speak. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great! Please share (partial)result!
I was searching on how to make a walking cycle with shapes at the moment.

Although maybe it doesn’t have a story in the classical sense.


Beautiful! And what a fantastic channel. Really impressive what can be done with Processing, and also with Cinder, wich I didn’t know.

This is really nice and I love Radiohead too.
I’ve created a short film entirely on Processing. I’m implementing the classical narrative structure - beginning, middle and an end - and I have characters as well. I submitted the film to several festivals, so I can’t share it online.

Hi Abe, I just realized this is you hahaha.

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Yeah I heard about your coming movie :wink: Good luck in the festivals!