Shader framework

Et voilà, after fews weeks of researches about shaders, I compile a little collection of shaders for the background and post-fx. I make a little framework to manage it via a class FX to set and display and mix the shader between them… sure is not perfect but I want to share it now, because that’s work not so bad !
So if you’ve a time to look, critic, improve or just use… you’re welcome.

Excuse my french, i’m punk frog !


Looks nice! :slight_smile: One queston: I see Rope as a dependency. What is Rope and Romanesco? I don’t see it explained in your repos…

@ hamoid Rope is a little library I do for my Romanesco project : ROmanesco Processing Environment. In the repo there is link to download the Rope library in the readme
And Romanesco it’s a software I developpe for my Visual Performance :slight_smile:

I hope is clearest ?

I add a new post fx shader: halftone multi pattern : dot, circle and line. an adaptation from


I am currently working on a project about halftone and I am quite new to the coding-world.
I am struggling with the degrees in my halftone and with how to make a halftone with lines.
Right now the grids are all by default on 0° but I would like to have them on 75°, 45° an 15°.

Could you help me with both these problems?

Hi, You’re welcome. I can help you if I can :slight_smile: But your explanation is very short, can you send a little piece of code ?

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