Send regular UPD String with oscP5 / netP5

I have a project where i want to receive OSC and send out regular plain UPD text - i’ve got all the OSC side working but i can’t work out how to use netP5 to send a regular UDP string, rather than an OSC formatted datagram.

any help would be great


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I have recently been trying to learn my way around oscP5 and osc in general. My use has so far been limited to sending numerical data but in wading through the example code and doing my problem solving, it seems like what you want to do is send your string as part of the datagram, and extract it at the receiving end.

The oscP5 example code uses

myMessage.add("some text"); /* add a string to the osc message */

and also provides examples of parsing code to recognize and extract what you want.

Would this do what you need?

Sadly not as i don’t have control over the receiving end (a hardware device which needs UDP strings to control it)

In the end I have used the UDP library rather than trying to use oscP5 to send raw data. It all works currently :slight_smile:


Cool. I guess OSC has to be implemented at both ends for the protocol to work.