Processing and pure data

I am trying to send list\array from pure data into processing with OSC, I manged to do it with one varaibale with oscp5 library but cant mange to send an array\list of data and unpack it on processing, any idea how to do that?

Thank you!

Did you check the library documentation? If you take an example from the library and its documentation, you should be able to get it to work:


I did check you mean to the OscBundle, I can understand how to send but for the recieve there is only this:

/* incoming osc message are forwarded to the oscEvent method. /
void oscEvent(OscMessage theOscMessage) {
print the address pattern and the typetag of the received OscMessage */
print("### received an osc message.");
print(" addrpattern: “+theOscMessage.addrPattern());
print(” typetag: “+theOscMessage.typetag());
println(” timetag: "+theOscMessage.timetag());

I am not sure if my pd patch is correct attaching a Screeshot