Send & Receive data on the same serial port without causing the Arduino program to bug

Hello gentlemen and ladies,

It’s more an Arduino question than an Processing one, but it’s a short question :wink:
I send data with the serial port from Processing to Arduino and it works very well, I can control 5 stepper motors.
At the same time with the Arduino I want to print datas on the same serial port, but when I do this from Arduino my motors turn in a random way.
So is it possible to read and write data with the same serial port (write with Processing, read with Arduino and write again other datas with Arduino) ? After i will read the Arduino’s data on Max Msp. Thank you.

I think it’s not possible.
I have the Arduino Due, I will can print datas on the Native USB serial port. So, I will can read data from the programming port and write datas (Processing’s datas if I want) on the Native USB serial port, that I will read with the serial monitor of the Arduino IDE.