Seeking help in finding an old sketch – interactive audio sculpture drawing, white stage, black lines, red markers

As the title already states, I’ve recently remembered on of my favourite sketches from many years ago, but am not able to find it anywhere online, since I forgot both the name of the project and the artist. I thought it would be part of the Exhibition, but no luck.

Key elements I remember:

  • a white stage into which you draw black lines with the mouse
  • you draw the lines in 2D, but the stage rotates automatically and slowly (around the vertical axis), so you end up creating an abstract 3D sculpture
  • every drawing of a line is recorded and then it’s path repeatedly traced over again with a red marker
  • for each line tracing a simple (sinus?) sound would play, the height of the sound corresponding to the position of the marker in the stage
  • by drawing several squiggly lines you could create pretty neat audio-visual sculptural landscapes
  • I think it offered access to the sketch source code - as did so many of the sketches from that time
  • if I’m not completely mistaken, it’s from around the same timeframe when Complexification was all the rage. So around 2011/12?

Anybody remember that sketch, who made it and possibly where I could find it again?

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Well, duh! Right after posting, I check the Exhibition again and find it! It’s the Sonic Wire Sculptor by Amit Pitaru. So good.

Now I just need to get it to run…