Scan the QRcode on phone to type words, and the text will appear like marquee on Computer

Hello Everyone,
This is my first post XD
I have some questions that I would like to ask all of you great experts~
Hope to get some directions

Here is the Question:
(1) How to collect data from difference devices?
(2) How to use processing to grab the data entered by the devices in real time?

I would be very thanks to anyone who can help me with my questions!!

Hi Sir
what is the link between the title of your topic and these two questions??

In general you can collect data via different ways Depends on what you want to achieve


THANKS to reply me jafal !!

The easiest way to achieve the goal as my topic says would be fine~
My idea now is like
a. Create a simple website, people who scan the QRcode will link to the website.
b. The Website will collect input to be a table. Maybe i need to write an UI?
c. Use the Excel to catch table from online to window once in a while.
d. My processing code read the excel file and display the marquee.

I’m not sure if it is possible. And now, i have no idea about (a) and (b) QQ

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Hi Sir and welcome

You taq your topic as homework but it is project

Yes again you can do all what you explained but you have to show what have you create until now and post where you stuck and need help

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Hi again sir

Some sources
Much more you can find over Google and YouTube

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Thank you sir!!
I have started programming. These references are very useful~and I need some time to read and understand:)

Very Thanks!! wish you all the best!

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