Save file with custom file name

I have a question. I made a GUI which can store and load a .csv. Currently I can have only one .csv file with a fixed name. I want to work with a folder and several files instead.

I know of atleast one way to work with several files which simply is ‘just code it’. It is not that incredibly hard but I am wondering if there are perhaps easy tricks/libaries for to do it ‘better’?

What I miss is that I cannot make use of those convenient OS windows with which you can save and load files and such. Like every PC program can do…

Is it possible to do something similar in processing? (to work with OS windows)

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Hi @bask185,

The function you’re looking for is called selectInput()

You’ll find more info on how to use it in this thread:

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Tnx, seems to be that what I am looking for. I will give it a try

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And for saving a file you can check the Output > Files section of the Processing reference.

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Yeah I figured that out already with the processing docs ;)… once you know what to look for…

I have both saving and loading exactly working as intented.

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