SelectInput: I like to tell it the folder to use?

Hello all,

I‘d like to tell selectInput() which folder and file extension to use:

File file1= new File( sketchPath(”“) + ”*.txt“);

selectInput(”...“, ”...“, file1);

Doesn’t work. It starts with the Desktop Folder instead (and not in sketch path folder).

(Sorry for the wrong „“, my iPhone…)

What do I have to change?

Win 10.

Thank you!


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Limited research but probly these next links could help:




selectInput ( "Select a file to process:" , "fileSelected" , dataFile( "*.txt" ));

did the trick.

Remaining problem is that the load dialog is not in the foreground in Win 10 but hidden.

Any ideas?


This sounds like a bug worth reporting. Is that behind a PDE sketch window, or is it from an exported application?

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in Win 10 / processing 3.5.3. /
called from a keyPressed()
no problem

but yes usually thing like
tend to be behind the canvas window GRRR

different example:


// as started from load display image i have a sub dir /data/ with a data\moonwalk.jpg

static final String PICS_EXTS = "extensions=,png,jpg,jpeg,gif,tif,tiff,tga,bmp,wbmp";
File dir;
String[] imagePaths = {};
int imagesFound = 0;
boolean havefile = false;
PImage img;

void filedata() {   // @GoToLoop
  dir = dataFile("");
  if (dir.isDirectory()) {
    imagePaths = listPaths(dir.getPath(), "files", "recursive", PICS_EXTS);
    imagesFound = imagePaths.length;
  println("Found", imagesFound, "image(s)");

void setup() {
  println("use: key [r] for file open dlg\n  or key [0 (...x]) for load from array");

void draw() {
  if ( havefile ) image(img,0,0);  //,width,height

void keyPressed() {
  if ( key == 'r') {
    selectInput("open picture: ", "fileSelected", dataFile(PICS_EXTS));
  if ( key == '0') {
    String thefile = imagePaths[0];
    println("you selected: key ["+key+"] "+thefile);
    img = loadImage(thefile);
    havefile = true;

void fileSelected(final File sel) {
  if (sel != null) {
    String thefile = sel.getPath();
    println("you selected: "+thefile);
    img = loadImage(thefile);
    havefile = true;

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Thanks a lot everyone!