RPi4 python or C plug in

Just setup tonight. added modes i could find, have lot of C/C++ and python code was looking to find mode so we can reuse our existing code bodies. I am working with RPI4 USB to Arduino/DUE building a LDMOS amp controller. Would like to be able to do both RPI4 and Arduino from same IDE. Starting to work through all the examples. SAM3 libraries for DUE are they portable to this environment.

Thanks for any help you can provide. looking forward to learning P3 and seen what we can do with it.


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hm, what are you talking about?

for the arduino use

yes, you can run the arduino IDE on the RPI.

for processing use

yes, there is a processing IDE version for the RPI

if clear what you want, we can go through it in detail.

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thanks, my application is arduino via usb is run as real time slave to RPi4 which provides user interface (GUI) for LDMOS amp operator. So I need to develop both Arduino code and RPI4 in parallel using mostly C and some python. So lots of new things to learn. Appreciate your help.

still not understand your status…
are already both IDE installed on RPI?

python ? you want use Processing python app on RPI
or a python app ?

i did a python webserver on RPI
running a small process control system on RPI
over a USB connected arduino as (PID … ) controller

but that has nothing to do with Processing.

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