Rosetta Examples for P5

Rosetta Examples for P5 is now available! It features sketches drawn from demonstrating the completion of a variety of common computing tasks in Processing (Java Mode). You can install it in Processing PDE:

PDE > Contributions Manager > Examples > Rosetta Examples

Examples include:

  • AckermannFunction
  • Anagrams
  • Animation
  • BinaryDigits
  • BullsAndCows
  • ColorOfAScreenPixel
  • Comments
  • DrawAPixel
  • FizzBuzz
  • ImageNoise
  • JosephusProblem
  • LevenshteinDistance
  • OneHundredDoors
  • RenameAFile
  • RepeatAString
  • SieveOfErotosthenes

The project emphatically welcomes contributions. If you would like to adapt an existing sketch from the wiki into an example, check out some great starting points in the current list of open issues.

[For a previous long-running discussion of this project, see: Processing on Rosetta Code -- weekly topics?]


Rosetta Examples has a new release out, now adding:

  • ArchimedeanSpiral
    • ArchimedeanSpiral_Lines
    • ArchimedeanSpiral_LinesRotated
    • ArchimedeanSpiral_Points
    • ArchimedeanSpiral_PointsRotatedMatrix
    • ArchimedeanSpiral_PointsRotatedPVector
  • Bitmap
  • MandelbrotSet
  • NinetyNineBottles

You can install it through:

PDE > Contributions Manager > Examples > Rosetta Examples

Thanks in particular to @noel for contributing Bitmap and MandelbrotSet to the Rosetta Code wiki!


thanks, what i see here in PDE is

should i Remove and install again?

OK remove & install (0.7) works and gives (0.8)

The guy’s name is

  • Sieve of Eratosthenes

Yes, ha, thanks so much – caught that just the day before you did.

I think that the Contributions Manager doesn’t re-load its sources immediately – and for that reason it can take a while for it to pick up a change, even if you restart PDE. I’m not sure, though. But yes, forcing a manual install will always work.