Robot Delta - processing

I am looking for a person who would write soft for me to control the deltabot
(manually and auto). Processing should work with arduino. I will be grateful for help.

Is this a paying gig?

If so, you can get in touch with me via email.

If not, why do you imagine someone will do all the work for you? You should post the code you have already, and describe to us what the problems you have with it are…

Dear friend.

Thank you for digression. There’s a lot of softs on the net and nobody wants to get in there.

If you are such a processing expert, write how much your service costs to meet my requirements. My delta must have manual control and work in the car after asking the appropriate points. In addition, it must be homing and adapted for CV processing.

Best regards

Henryk Bziuk

This sounds like a drawing robot:

This sounds like a car navigation system:

…so: I’m not sure what Robot Delta is.