Mobile robot navigation project

please format code with </> button * homework policy * asking questions

need help coding a robot in an unstructured environment, I have looked everywhere for this coding, it is for project which I need urgently, if anyone can help, please reply!!

Is your robot a rover kind robot with 4 wheels

Do you use Arduino with motor shield?

Do you have two obstacle sensors in front?

I just need it for simulation, I’m not using Arduino.

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Yeah, but still: is it homework?

Do you have wheels?

What sensors do you want to have?

It’s always hard to help someone with a topic as general as making a robot…

The first step would be to decide what you actually want to do, precisely.

How do you want your robot to move? Will it be moved with the arrow keys? Will it be autonomous with some sensor? if yes how many? what kind of sensor?

What is the environment? Just some randomly placed rectangle as obstacles? A real image where you extract obstacles from?

Once you have the idea where you want to go, start simple. For example just start with a robot that can move. Then add one simple obstacle. Then add one sensor. and so on…

Once you have done something (with code) and if you are stuck, come back and we’ll help you. But right now, there is not much we can do.

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Is this homework? Is it 2D or 3D?

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move the robot with arrow keys, an unstructured environment, exactly with your examples is what I’m trying to build with processing but I’m stuck

yes it is homework 2d

Okay, I would suggest this approach:

Your robot is a tank. It can go back and forward and turn turn on the spot but not go in curves or round (other than a tank)

It has Continuous tracks

And obstacle detection

Then you have a Turtle (LOGO) program

With 4 commands

Forward backward

Left right

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thats exactly what I need in an unstructured environment, is this on processing because I have never heard of it

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Do you mean the project on openprocessing? You can download the code there. You need a library maybe