RGB blur experiments


I’ve been experimenting with blur and was quite happy about the results so far.

I created classes and shaders that convert simple shapes (imagine a thin curved line with vertices) into thick ones (meshes) with generative masks and photo textures.

The blur is a optimized rewrite of the shaders found at https://github.com/gcorallo/ofxBlurUtils Notice the subtle blue tint of the blurry parts. You can blur separately each RGB channel.

The shapes you see are all created with the same equation (it’s animated). I store a collection of equations on an ArrayList, and then I can morph from one equation to another. For that I use another class I created, which is an 2D point array interpolator. What it does is to give each interpolated point a slightly different start and end times, so you can morph those shapes between different equations unevenly (some parts morph earlier, some parts later).

With an integrated Intel GPU on a laptop it toggles between smooth-ish and slow frame rate (when it gets hot). With a better GPU it animates smoothly.

This is how it looks before any of the magic :slight_smile:


This is cool. My brain doesn’t quite understand what it’s looking at. (I mean that as a compliment.) I’d be curious to see the photo textures you used, or to see a video of the animation in action.