ReverseCatastrophe - interactive poem //time triggered mic-in-recording&playback

Reverse catastrophe

Times seem to be a catastrophe - but that only depends on how we look at the current situation.

I´d like to reverse the ongoing pessimism with an interactive reverse-poem (like this one). I prototyped this project a while ago with pureData - a visual programming platform, which is great, but not online. That is why I tried to learn some html5 programming, but f********ck, it´s ridiculously complicated (for a beginner like me!) Now I found p5 - and hope that I will have more success…and to find someone to help me!

The final webpage should have a simple button to start an (invisible) timer (00m:00s), which then triggers a set of different actions.

  1. an audio-file (00m:01s:„background.mp3“) to play (also during the recordings and playback of the recordings in 3.&4.)
  2. displaying text-paragraphs ( for example at 01m:17s „BLABLABLA“; 01m:28s „BLIBLIBLI“ and so on)
  3. recording samples ( for ex(s)ample 01m17s „RecA“; 01m:28s „RecB“; 01m:39 „RecC“
  4. playing back the recorded samples ( 02m:10s“RecC“; 02m:21s“RecB“; 02m:32s“RecA“)

If you want to test the prototype, you´ll have to install PureData- extended (I´d post the link, but new users can only post two links, so you´ll have to google it), and run this patch

  • so my first question would be, if you think that this is possible to do (also on mobile devices), and if it is a good idea to use p5 or if I should better try to do it directly with html5 using the webAudio api?

And if p5 is the better choice for me, how I can start building a timer similar to the PD(puredata)one, reading minutes and seconds, triggering different events …

I found an example to record audio, but how could i modify it to be triggered by the timer and then record the next sample.

…oh, did I mention that I am a bloody beginner and that I feel really sorry to ask for your precious time to help me?! …but I promise I have more plans with this project and as soon I will get this first step done, I will use the project as a template for other more mind-buggling ideas!

Anyway, I hope you make the best out of quarantimes and keep focussing on the bright side!

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