Easy use recording library 🎉

Hi everyone!

I’ve found a great library of recording p5.js work, and I’d like to share it with you here!


:point_down: Check out the demo:

It is called p5.capture and is developed by tapioca24. the GUI allows you to start and stop recording intuitively and is easy to download.
It is easy for any user to use, as it requires only a single line of script to be added.

I think this is a great library for educators and beginners to record their work and get them interested in creative coding.

Please give it a try and share!

p5.capture logo

Library p5.capture
Developer tapioca24
His Twitter

I have released p5.capture, a library for easy recording of p5.js sketches 🎉🎉🎉
All you need to generate a video file is to add one line to your html.
Supports webm, gif, mp4, png, jpg, and webp output.https://t.co/99rtp1Bhdb#p5js #processing #creativecoding #generativeart

— タピオカ (@tapioca_mart) March 25, 2022