Return function from float[] array

Hi there,

I am stuck on a return function. I have a triangle, each corner is defined by pair of float [] arrays: float[] xArray = new float[3]; float[] yArray = new float[3] - all in the class to contstruct the triangle.
I need to be able to access each pair of arrays from another class or draw function - so I assume I need to return them in the class…how do I do that correctly?
Here is a code:

Triangle triangle;

void setup() {
  size(400, 400);
  triangle = new Triangle ( width/2, height/2, 40);

void draw() {

// ---------------------------------------------

class Triangle {

  float x, y, w, h;
  float CSize;
  float[] xArray = new float[3];
  float[] yArray = new float[3];

  Triangle( float posx, float posy, float tW) {

    x = posx;
    y = posy;
    w = tW;

  void triangleDisplay() {

    float currentAngle = -HALF_PI;  
    float wr = w * 0.5; 
    for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++) {
      xArray[i] = x + wr*cos(currentAngle);
      yArray[i] = y + wr*sin(currentAngle);

      //println(xArray[0], ",", yArray[0]);
      currentAngle = currentAngle + radians (360 / 3);
    triangle(xArray[0], yArray[0], xArray[1], yArray[1], xArray[2], yArray[2]);

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It’s good that you’ve considered the privacy of your class.

If xArray and yArray were private, you would need a public method to access them publically, say, something like

float[] getXArray(){
    return xArray;


In the bigger picture, you want the member variables to be readable, but not changeable.

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Hi Tony,

Indeed - as in I want to access each individual member (as in xArray[0]) from i.e. another class or draw function of main sketch. And indeed the variables are static…I will try with your method now :). THANK YOU!