Reporting documentation bugs

Hi All,

In the past week I have reported a few bugs in the reference documentation of Processing.

I have done this at

Today, I noticed that the latest response to an issue was in March.

Am I reporting the bugs in the proper place?

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hi! welcome to the forum!

It should be the right place. Do you want to share the issue you opened so people can see it? By the way all the contributors are volunteers which means they spend free time on fixing issues, so you may not get responses. If it is urgent you should tag (mention) key contributors or submit pull request by yourself :slight_smile:

@micuat Thanks for the response. No rush. Documentation fixes are rarely urgent :slight_smile: .

I just wanted to make sure, that I hadn’t overlooked some other repository. Since there were no responses for issues and pull requests for this year, I was afraid I had found the wrong place.

Looking at Github Insights, I guess, @REAS or @shiffman are the ones responsible for the documentation? Since we are nearing the end of the semester, I understand, that people are busy.

Bumping. No comments to the issues reported for a while.

Hello @soegaard ,

Their focus may be on Processing 4:

And other things… they are volunteers (that is my understanding) and we just have to be patient