Regarding opencv

Can somebody suggest me a good place where the various objects documented in opencv are discussed with certain clarity

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I’m not sure what kind of clarity you want, specifically, but

  1. start at the homepage,
  1. look through the available reference:

  1. if you have further questions about the objects / methods, look them up in the original OpenCV reference for 2.4.5 – this is much more comprehensive.

…and of course, there are example sketches and tutorials, both for the processing opencv specifically and for opencv in general.

See Bryans Blog and search for OpenCV.

Good source for how to use more recent versions of OpenCV in Processing.
Latest available on Bryans page is OpenCV 4.0.0
More work than with Gregs implementation, but a good way to learn to implement own libraries and it give you a deeper insight into OpenCV with related documentation which you may find on the openCV webpage.

At least there are not so many people using OpenCV in Processing. Which I found out while learning how to implement a simple lane detection.

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