Reading my excel data in Processing

Hello, processing newbie here~
I’m just trying to open my excel data in processing, but have no idea what the code to do this is. I read a little about loadTable and String and printIn, but none of it is making sense to me :sweat:
my excel data is saved as a .xlsx file, not sure if i should be converting it to something else…
Nonetheless, any help at all will be greatly appreciated~
thank youu

On this forum a thread that speak about it : import xlsx

Hi, i actually saw that forum and read through it, it didnt make much sense to me though. Just asking to see if anyone has a easier to understand solution lol

You can export/ save as in Excel.

Save as csv text file

This file you can copy into your Sketch folder.

Then loadStrings or loadTable

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Great! thank you, I’ll try that!

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