Exporting Empty Excel Files

I’m using processing with an Arduino sketch to measure and export IR sensor temperature data. Until recently everything was been working out great, and after I stop running processing the data that’s been collecting in the console window is exported to excel in spreadsheet format.

Just a few runs ago the excel files that are being created by processing started being blank. My data is still collecting in the console window but isn’t showing up in the excel files that are being exported from processing. I haven’t changed any code so I’m confused with the sudden change. Any input?

Thanks in advance!

Have a look at the saveTable Documentation.
This might be what you’re looking for.

Thanks for the reply, but the program I’m using uses PrintWriter code to save the data (if I’m understanding it correctly). I also didn’t touch the code between the data export working and not working, so I have trouble seeing it being a coding problem rather than something else.