Reading files from a folder(s) ...where to start learning?

Where should I start if I want to learn about writing my program to look into a folder, and any/all of it’s subfolders, understanding whats there and then doing stuff with the files?

I am working with a program where I draw images from an array. The Array is currently all coded by hand with specific image files for testing and that works just fine.

Now I want to make it so I can easily make new art, Put that as a folder inside my “content” tree and have the art load when I launch the sketch again.


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Chrisir I hope you can get an answer to your question too. I would just like to know where to start, learning how to put this sort of functionality in my program thanks ahead to anyone with some suggestions.



I posted the link to a question of somebody else which I did answer in the other discussion.

This answer is also for you. Did you run my Sketch?

Did you see Schred‘s answer?