Just a Small Question: Load path

Hi everyone, is there a way that I can load a file in a folder?
for example:

  randomString = loadString("somerandomfolder\anotherrandomfolder\finallythestringiwant.txt");

Just like Minecraft data files, there is a lot of subfolders.

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I’m assuming you are trying to get strings out of a textfile by your example.

Try the loadStrings() method.

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No, no, no. I don’t mean that. I mean like I got a folder called “something” in my data folder, and I have a text file in my something folder. Like this…

. . codefile.pde
. . data
. . . . anotherthing.txt
. . . . something
. . . . . .thing.txt

I know I can load anotherthing.txt, but how to load the thing.txt?
Or I simply can’t?
Are there ways I can load that text file?
Sorry for the late reply, anyway.

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final String[] things = loadStrings("something/thing.txt");



Wow! It really works! Thanks!!!

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