Read all files in a directory

How would I read all files in a directory?
For example, I would have a bunch of images in a folder and would want to load them in.
Or would have a bunch of levels as .txt files and would load them?

This code is based on an exerp of a library I am developing:

ArrayList<File> files=new ArrayList<File>();
void visitFile(File f) {
  try {
    if (f.isDirectory()) {
      final File[] children=f.listFiles();
      if (children!=null) {
        for (File child : children) visitFile(child);
    } else files.add(f);
  catch(Exception e) {

This code takes a file Object and checks if it is a directory. If that is the case it will check the contents of the folder.
You can easily create a File Object by invoking it’s constructor using the absolute path of the directory. You can get it from a relative Path using sketchPath(String).

This doc might be useful to you:
File (Java Platform SE 7 ) (

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