Raspberry pi camera settings?

I’m working on a project where I’m using a raspberry pi camera with processing to measure light passing through a material to measure its thickness and evenness. I’m using the GLlibrary and trying to follow the examples on https://pi.processing.org/tutorial/camera/. It seems to work quite well but there is an automatic exposure setting I need to turn off in order to correlate the measured light to an actual thickness. I have tried to search and find info on this but I am new to both raspberry pi and processing (quite experienced in the arduino field however) so I haven’t been so successful…
Should I do this from processing or maybe do the setting somewhere else in the pi?
Thanks in advance and sorry for the noob question…

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did you play with the V4L2 tool?

sudo apt install qv4l2

-1- you can set camera options , close program ( remembers until reboot )
-2- start processing camera

or even can adjust settings while processing cam is running
– i just now not know how to permanently save that settings
a python tool at boot?
UPS little bit old

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Thank you very much! Highly appreciate it!
It seems to work fine!! :ok_hand:
For now I can live with doing the settings every time I start the system…

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