Quick Question About Tables

Hello All,

I have a quick question about how to create new tables. I am working on a data analysis program for poker hands. Each time I do analysis according to certain parameters, I would like the program to create a table. That table logs how many times a particular hand is played according to those parameters. For example

void MakeATable(HandRange inputhandrange){
   Table results;
   results = new Table();
   TableRow row1 = results.addRow();
   row1.setString("Aces", "AA");
   row1.setInt("Total", howmanytimesdoesAAoccur);
   saveTable(results, "data/" + inputhandrange + ".csv");

This code functions but the saveTable() file name looks something like this:


I just want to somehow create a table where the file name matches the name of the hand range I am currently working with. Is there a way I can turn my inputhandrange variable name into a String that can just be put into a save file as it is written?

Thanks as always for the help.

class HandRange {
  String handRangeName;

  @Override String toString() {
    return handRangeName;

Thank you, I had a feeling it was a simple fix