Querry about command line tool

I am using the CLI version: processing-java to build, run and export my project. But I have it working with absolute paths. That is sorta annoying because I work on 2 different PCs and I have to change the paths continously.

“processing-java --sketch="c:\Users\me\Documents\hobbyProjects\functionBloX" --run”

For whatever reason I cannot get it work with a relative path.

I tried “processing-java --sketch=”"."" and more variants but I am doing it wrong.
I always work from in the folder of my project.

What do I type to use the current folder as sketch path?

Nvm, I fixed it with aid of a coworker.
I use a variable to get the current path. The variable is than used as path
“command”: “folder=$(pwd);processing-java --sketch=$folder --run”