How to setup sketch path in

Okay so I would like to start using processing in but whenever I try to run the code it tells me I need to specify a sketch folder with this “–sketch=/full/path/to/your/sketch/dir” however I am unsure of what this means, and I also am unsure of where to type this… It then goes on to say “Not a valid sketch folder. F:\Coding\processing-3.5.2\processing-3.5.2.pde does not exist.”

If anyone could tell me what this means or has any advice or solutions it would be much-appreciated thanks <3

here is the full thing (BTW I went to the website… was not much help):

Command line edition for Processing 0268 (Java Mode)

–help Show this help text. Congratulations.

–sketch= Specify the sketch folder (required)
–output= Specify the output folder (optional and
cannot be the same as the sketch folder.)

–force The sketch will not build if the output
folder already exists, because the contents
will be replaced. This option erases the
folder first. Use with extreme caution!

–build Preprocess and compile a sketch into .class files.
–run Preprocess, compile, and run a sketch.
–present Preprocess, compile, and run a sketch in presentation mode.

–export Export an application.
–no-java Do not embed Java. Use at your own risk!
–platform Specify the platform (export to application only).
Should be one of ‘windows’, ‘macosx’, or ‘linux’.

The --build, --run, --present, or --export must be the final parameter
passed to Processing. Arguments passed following one of those four will
be passed through to the sketch itself, and therefore available to the
sketch via the ‘args’ field. To pass options understood by PApplet.main(),
write a custom main() method so that the preprocessor does not add one.

Not a valid sketch folder. F:\Coding\processing-3.5.2\processing-3.5.2.pde does not exist.


processing needs the

sketch path

so when you say your processing work will be under


you actually need


the < mywork > folder structure is optional but recommended,
the < myproject > is folder and filename same for your sketch
so the last one is the pde file what contains your code
and the PATH would then be


and to start processing from commandline would be
processing-java --sketch=F:\Coding\processing\sketchbook\<mywork>\<myproject> --force --run

example show
linux Geany IDE
last line show config to run processing


Thanks for the reply I’ll make sure to test it out I’ll LYK if it works <3