Processing Sound Library Errors

Hello everyone, I was encountering some errors when using the processing sound library. The files load and play fine, but sometimes they just don’t play at all, and this happens usually 2-5 minutes after the program starts. I don’t know what is causing this nor how to fix it. Thanks in advance!


Can you provide more details to your question like :

  • What OS are you running Processing on?

  • Which version of Processing, and the Sound library?

  • How are you playing those sounds?

  • What kind of sound files? (format, duration, source…)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello, to anwser your questions, I am running the program on a windows 10 os, Processing 3, the processing sound library (import processing.sound.*), I am controlling the playing of these sounds using booleans in order to make them play only once per event, and they are .wav files, 1 second each because they are sound effects.

Ok thanks, can you try to give a code example where it will certainly crash? Because otherwise it’s difficult to test or see where’s the error.

Also what is the file weight of those sounds?

It’s not a case where the code crashes, but where the files don’t play. For example, it would play for the first 10 or so times, but then doesn’t play on the 11th.