Processing sketch loaded by html but does not run

Hello everyone!

Luckily I finally managed to integrate a pde-file into an html file with…

in head:
in body:

This worked fine only after having uploaded .html and .pde to my online-server, while it didn’t run locally (for security reasons the browser denied to load the pde (cp. Embedding .pde to html does not work/ .pde to p5.js - #5 by hannes).

Yet one problem remains now: the browser loads both .html and .pde and displays the content - only the pde dosn’t run (or move): The browser continuousy displays the first frame in freeze (the pde itself is a color animation). Running the same code in processing itself dows not cause any problam at all.

I would be very thankful to have any help or ideas on this!

Problem solved: I experimented with different porcessing.js-versions, in the end it’s 1.1.6 that does a fine job!