Processing+ SimpeOpenNI+Kinect

Hi!Could anyone help me to solve the problem?
I have copy the SimpleOpenNI in the library but everytime I use it, it said, SimpleOpenNI Error: Can’t open device: DeviceOpen using default: no devices found Can’t init SimpleOpenNI, maybe the camera is not connected!
I have no idea how to do it?Thanks a lot

Please post your code and format it with the </> button – don’t post screenshots of your code.

Did you resolve this problem? If it isn’t finding a camera – what camera do you expect it to find? Have you tested that it is connected? What operating system are you running, what version of Kinect are you using, etc. etc.

thx a lot! I have resolve the problem. Finally I use the kinectPV2 rather than simpelOpenNI.

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