Processing on Raspberry pi 4 very slow?

@ITman496 Vanilla Processing is wedded to the idea of using a built in jdk, so unless you do bit a of work you are stuck with it (previously it was quite easy to substitute the jdk see but that may not work now. The official processing release for the PI was very much tailored to RaspberryPI3B+ and Stretch OS.

Ah, understood. I’m not sure how you achieved it, and so I suppose I will be like many, and waiting for an official pi 4 release. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long!

Same problem when fullscreen! My code is a very simple video playback when triggered by an IR sensor. I wasn’t even using HD videos to test. Ridiculously slow and low fps even on my friend’s Pi 400, not to mention the 1GB Pi 3 that I initially tested on. I’m using Processing 3.