Processing listening to wrong IP address when receiving UDP message

Hi everyone, I have been trying to connect my NodeMCU device to Processing 3 running on my pc through OSCP5 library through which I am trying to recieve OSC message through UDP port over my local wifi.

The problem is that when I run processing, it listens to the right port, but wrong IP address. My IP address was This is also the IP address I am sending to from NodeMCU. But processing keeps listing my IP address as

My actual IP vs IP address processing is listening on.

In a noob but my guess is that processing is running on top of some sort of Virtual Machine or other emulated/virtual environment, which has a different IP address setting from my actual pc. If that its the case kindly help me solve it.

I am following this code from GitHub:

Are you providing the IP address during your connection? Check the docs: OscP5(Object theParent, String theAddress, int thePort, int theMode)


I think the ip address is taken by default… you must check it again and remove the ip address from by default. May be this is the only problem