No data sent or shown via OSC to Processing from Muse 2

I am working with the Muse 2, the brain wave detector, which can send the EEG via OSC. And I am using the Mind-Monitor app to monitor data and send it via OSC. So I’m testing the data from this example Example Code

I’m running this on Mac Catalina and finally work it out with python3 so I see the data comes in to my terminal

At first, it shows this:

until I interupt it with my keyboard pressed
so I got this list:

[ the URL links for those images are here: osc-mind-monitor — ImgBB
OSC-data-eeg — ImgBB ]

But on Processing, I did not receive anything.
I’ve learned some OSC examples from the library of Processing but it only works with another sketch (for instance, the broadcastClient and broadcaster examples.)

I am curious whether my IP address is wrong or I have to parse the message beforehand.

The port number can be changed but I see that my IP from the example is ‘’ but that’s not the IP address of my Wi-Fi. When I changed it on the sketch to ‘’, the console; however, did not change to this new IP though. It still shows ‘’

If I have to parse the message, how do I do that with these float numbers from Muse 2 EEG?

Does anyone have any suggestion? any advice is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

hi! I only used old versions of muse and not sure about the latest ones. What I understand is,

muse → app → python

works but

muse → app → processing

doesn’t work, right? Do you see target IP address setting in the muse app? this should point to the computer - and if it’s working with python, you won’t need to change anything for Processing.

another way is of course to use the python script as a proxy - so you send osc again from python to processing. This is redundant and should be avoided, but if there’s no other way round, I might consider it…