Processing for iOS

If anyone reading this has used the Processing for iOS app by Frederik Riedel and knows how to get a sketch to recognize the first screen tap as mousePressed, please let me know.

It seems like the first mousePressed never happens until the second screen touch.

-a- can not help as i not have that iOS hardware/OS
but it could help if you post code or a link to the app you talk about.
-b- after run a processing sketch
mouse and keyboard can only be detected if you activate the CANVAS window
( like with a mouse click anywhere on the window )
so it could be that that way only the second mouse click is detected as ?mouse over button? …



interesting. That’s true on Win. The sketch doesn’t get the focus on start up.

Very annoying since you have to click on it with the mouse before you can start typing.

Might be the case for iOS too

Might be a bug

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It’s in the App Store as `Processing iCompiler by Frogg GmbH.

I know it’s not supported. I just thought I’d see if anyone had tried it and found a solution.

On the Mac, after running a sketch, the first click gets recognized right away, so I guess I’ve been spoiled by that. Sorry to hear it doesn’t work so nicely on Windows!

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