Processing Community Day @ Denver/Colorado

I’d be up for organizing a Processing Community Day in Colorado. I’m actually in Fort Collins. So it would be easy for me find a place to hold it up here. But I’m happy to drive down to Denver if that works better for people, however I don’t really know where to hold it down there. Regardless let me know if you’re interested and what activities, workshops, and/or lectures you would want to happen.


Sounds like @digitalcoleman has already been working on getting a Processing Community Day going in Denver. So I’m not sure how useful this thread is but I’ll leave it up in case anyone want’s to use it to discuss interest or topics.

we are coordinating PCD in Denver here:
We welcome all help, input, and/or can coordinate if you want to do one in Fort Collins.
We have alrerady arranged to hold the event at the Commons on Champa in downtown Denver on the 9th of February. Schedule and full announcement is incoming!