oscP5 - vectors and length of message


Two quick questions about the oscP5 library:

  1. Am I correct that you cannot send PVectors via OSC?

  2. When receiving an array of ints of a varying length via OSC, how do I parse it correctly, in situations where I don’t know the length of the array beforehand? Manual parsing, like shown in https://github.com/sojamo/oscp5/blob/master/examples/legacy/oscP5parsing/oscP5parsing.pde does not help me, since I don’t know the length of the message in advance.

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  1. You cannot – OSC has a list of defined data types, it cannot send objects.however, you can send two floats, then make then into a PVector on the other side.

  2. Can you send them all at once in an OSCBundle (see example)?