Processing 4.1.2 is out ✨

Hi everyone!

Processing 4.1.2 was released on Tuesday. It fixes issues many of you have had with the Contributions Manager (what you see when importing Libraries, managing Modes, etc.)

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Help us make Processing better by giving this release plenty of testing (try to break it :grin:). This is particularly important for the Contributions Manager. And if you do find a bug, please create and issue on GitHub.

Wanna know exactly what changed in this release? Then check out the release notes.

Raphaël de Courville
Processing Community Lead Fellow


processing v4 crashes when using

  • show usage
  • jump to declaration
  • etc.
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Hi @Chrisir and thanks for your report. Would you mind filling an issue on the Processing4 repository? This is the best way to let the dev team know and helps us track the issue. You may want to check if anyone has already reported the same bug. Please add any context that would help diagnose the issue, such as the system you are using and the version of Processing 4. Thanks again for helping make Processing better :slight_smile:

I use these features often and did not experience this with W10 Pro and Processing 4.1.2 in Java mode on my PCs (I have a few that I use).


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I do not see “Show Usage…” or “Jump to Declaration” with p5.js in the Processing IDE:



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I can only agree with what @glv has written. I use this functionality quite often (W10, P4 java), and have never had any difficulties.
Also, that the first two functions do not exist in P5 mode, is the case for me.
What OS are you using @Chrisir? Maybe the issues are OS specific !?

— mnse

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Hello @sableRaph,

An example of issue was provided and related issues reported on GitHub:


I still got this very annoying bug in the processing IDE java flavor.

IDE freezes crashes when using Show Usage and the like from the Right Click Menu…

It occurs only in Sketches with special characters such as Chinese, Spanish or German (äöü… Umlaute)