Processing 3 running slow on Pi4

I was going to suggest you try raspberrypi forum, but I see you’ve done that already. I can’t really see why performance with vanilla processing is really that bad. My PiCrate gem is built on a slightly modified processing core and runs via JRuby (which has its own overhead) but I don’t have a preprocessor step (but that would only affect startup time). There is no official support for RaspberryPI4, and Gottfreid Haider who created the RaspberryPI (with help of Xerces Ranby JOGL) stuff for processing has left the project. I’m hoping for further improvements when JOGL gets updated. I notice the latest linux kernel is supposed to have improvements for RaspberryPI4. But all of this will take time to filter through.

thank you. Yes, i tried on both forum to understand if the settings was wrong by the side of processing or Raspberry pi.

Is there a way i can try your PiCrate to see the performance?

See instructions here I’m in the process of developing it to use jdk11 (one less install required) instead of jdk8 but waiting for jruby- release.
With a bit of luck just running the bash script should set you up. Let me know how you get on.

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