Processing 2.0 error on New GLabel

I am trying to run a code from Github which was written in october 2015. I do not knwo which version of processing was used. The code is using the G4P and Sdrop librairies. I installed processing 3 but ran into an error with the Sdrop library. According to the forum this was due to a change in Processing 3. So i installed processing 2.0 . Now I run into the following error message: ClassNotFoundException:processing.awt.PGraphicesJava2D.
This happens on affecting a variable : x=new Glabel(this, x, y, 100, 20, “Knitting Machine”);
do you have any suggestion?
I thnak you in advance for your help.

Glabel vs. GLabel… two different things.

Can you provide the link to GH?


Hello I assume GH means GitHub.
Here is the link
I run the programm using process 2.0

I thank you very much for your help.
Best regards

Solved. runs OK with processing 2.2.5 and G4P library version V3.5.4 which is the last version compatible with Processing 2.