Processing 4.0.2 and above giving "Cannot find a class or type named 'PApplet'" error

I’m maintaining an open-source Processing app — GitHub - FOSStriangulator/FOSStriangulator: A tool for making triangulated illustrations out of photos . It used to compile just fine with every Processing version I’ve tried up until Processing 4.0.2. Now, with Processing 4.0.2 and newer versions, it won’t compile, whereas with 4.0.1, it will. With the newer versions, it’s giving me this error:

Cannot find a class or type named “PApplet”

It’s also giving me a range of errors, from not being able to find classes like PImage, PrintWriter, IntList, etc.

I looked at the 4.0.2 release notes and I can’t see any change that might be causing the issues.

Any idea of why this might be happening?

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Hi @mirek,

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I can confirm this behavior on Linux with Processing 4.1.1.

Reproducible command line example:

$ git clone
$ processing-java --sketch=./FOSStriangulator/FOSStriangulator --run
FOSStriangulator.pde:0:0:0:0: Cannot find a class or type named “PApplet”

The issue is that the error message is not descriptive at all…

Can you try opening an issue on the Processing GitHub repository?

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Opened up a bug report on Github just now: [v4.0.2 and above] “Cannot find a class or type named ‘PApplet’” error · Issue #626 · processing/processing4 · GitHub

Thanks for your help, @josephh !