Problem installing processing

I am a retired guy trying to learn Python using a book titled “Math Adventures With Python”. This book requires that I download and install “Processing” as a necessity for completing the exercises therein. To this end, I have followed the processing tutorial “Getting Started” and in particular the paragraph dealing with installation on windows. As required, I have downloaded Processing for windows 64 bit to my download file. I then double clicked on it. This resulted in the message “VLC could not identify the audio or video codec”. How do I get beyond this? Any help would be appreciated. John H


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As far as I know, Processing has nothing to do with VLC but it might be that the extension of the executable file is associated to VLC as default software (which is strange).

What is the icon of the file in the file explorer? Did you extracted the archive you downloaded from the Processing website? What is the name of the file?

Can you try to right click on the file and select open with… Also you can go into the properties and change the default file association for that file if I recall.

Also you can check :