Probably the dumbest question RE: environment setup

Idiot question I’m sure…

I can make things work fine on open, but when I try to run the same code on the desktop compiler it doesn’t recognize… Like, anything.

Seems likely the issue is the bane of most of my coding adventures, environment setup. IE : the web compiler and desktop are using different libraries or something.

What am I missing?

(attached screenshot as requested. Code compiles and runs fine in openprocessing, nearly everything errors on local compiler. I didn’t include a screenshot or details because I assumed it must be a really obvious issue.)

Highly possible the paths to your files are incorrect, but it is hard to see when you don’t share any code or screenshots.

I suggest using either OpenProcessing or p5.js Web Editor until you feel a bit more comfortable with programming. But if you insist on moving to local editor, then screenshot your project so we can help.

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Your code is javascript, but processing ide is in Java mode. To correct situation

  • Copy the code.

  • Change mode to javascript - p5.js from top right menu (with text Java and downwards triangle)

  • Paste code and run

If p5.js is not available then install it from menu tools-> add tools. Select Modes tab. From there select p5.js and click install button