Privacy policy and terms of service for web editor?

I’d like to start using the web editor with my elementary and middle school students, but I can’t do so without first reviewing a privacy policy and/or terms of service. I’ve looked through the site and can’t seem to find either of those documents.

Does anyone know if they exist somewhere?

Thanks in advance.



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Good question, I couldn’t find ToS too and I am also wondering if the GDPR European laws on data privacy are also applicable to the p5 web editor since they store accounts and user information.

Thanks for your reply.

Yeah, in the US, I’m working within COPPA requirements, which govern how sites handle data of those younger than 13. In practice, it means web services need to have a COPPA disclosure in their privacy policy or ToS. In lieu of these, our district (or a regional consortium) could try to get an agreement directly between us and, but that seems unlikely.

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not sure but if this is urgent you can check out alternatives like openprocessing.

also more generic tools like followings can run p5js too

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Thanks for the link. Looks like they have a privacy policy and ToS (which specify users must be at least 13, so this is a possibility for my middle schoolers), and some pre-existing curriculum, too.