Print() Causes Animation Lagging - Are there fixes? What else causes lags?

Hello Forum,

I am in the processing of shifting from Processing to p5Js for my high school class that is now online starting Monday. We love to use print() to learn but I noticed that it causes severe lag for animations (see example with it on and off).

Is there a simple way to prevent this?
Also, are there other functions or strategies that I should be aware of to prevent lagging?

Thank you for your help.

let x = 75; 
let speed = 3;

function setup() {

function draw() {
  print ("x=",x);
  print ("speed=",speed);
  if ( (x<0) || (x>300)){
    speed = speed * -1;
	  x = x + speed;
    ellipse (x,150,50,50);      

}//close draw
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You can print() at 1 FPS rather than 60 FPS:

frameCount % 60 || print(`x = ${ x }, spd = ${ speed }`);

Or just use text(), it’s cooler than print


Or sample printing your logger at a much slower rate than the frameRate – e.g. 1 FPS.

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