Playing vr 360 video (or even load simple video) from remote location possible?


Is it possible to play vr 360 videos hosted in a remote location, cloud, or even from youtube, vimeo?

through processing android VR library or even by manually texturing the video to a sphere like … Viewing 360 degree videos

the aim is to be able to play a remote video and also be able to play/pause the video by code, and if possible alter playback speed programmatically.

Any ideas?


I’d like to be able to play 360 vr videos on the processing sketch on a VR MASK (simple one) hosted on the cloud or a server, and also act like an interactive vr 360 video player.
An arduino for example will be sending sensor data like the speed of a treadmill, and the processing sketch will play or pause the video based on the pace you are walking or running That way just by exchanging some VR video footage, you’ll be able to “walk” run on another place. The communication between arduino / processing could be wifi/bt/osc.
Tha main problem i am facing is that the videos will be big files, so they have to be on the cloud, on youtube, vimeo, or on a server.

thank you in advance