Android Processing app playing sequence of Youtube videos

hello I would like to play a video in the processing app on Android “” in my app but I don’t know how to add a library can someone help me please?

You can find a working sketch on my repo here.
If you get it working please comment on which device and what Android mode.

I want to make an app that is built like netflix

Edit: can you Help me?

And what server are you planning to use? Youtube or alike? :smiley:

yes, I want to do it so that I can search for videos from YouTube in my app but that there are only short films and films in general

You can play with Webview on the repo linked above. Then you also will need to plan a search algorithm. The WebView can be a part of the screen so you have place to put buttons and so on.

okay can you help me with this

You need to play around with the tools there. When you have planned something post some code and we will see.

Okay thanks you :slight_smile:

int s = 0;
PImage startlogo;

void setup(){
  startlogo = loadImage("logo.png");
  startlogo.resize(displayWidth, displayHeight);

void draw(){
    s = 1;

Why doesn’t the splash start screen work?

Using delay() stops the whole process.
Do it like this.

int start_time;
PImage startlogo; 

void setup() { 
  startlogo = loadImage("cormas.png"); 
  startlogo.resize(displayWidth, displayHeight);
  start_time = millis();

void draw() { 
  if(millis()-start_time > 2000){
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And can i get a animation with the picture please?

Of course, whatever you imagine.

and how does it work?

Sorry, I haven’t been programming that long

hehe. First you need to know what you want.

I need an animation on the startscreen. it should be black at the beginning and then slowly become transparent

Use tint() in the draw() loop.

I have now done the animation. What would be the next step now? And Good Morning :joy: :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe you can be contacted somewhere else?

Good morning.
No, the forum is the place to post codes, so that it can be searched by others, and make it unnececary to answer the same questions over and over.
Normally P4A is used to play graphical sketches or games on an Android device.
Your project is more difficult. You have to work with views. If you plan to be, in the future, an Android developer, I would recommend learning to code on Android Studio and use Processing there as an excellent graphics library.
If you however only need it for a personal project, we can go further. It is possible to work with views on P4A, but you will not use the main structure on which Android apps are built. Namely, the XML structure where views and other data are organized in specific files. On P4A you have to code it programmatically.
Now the first thing you have to do is setting the Layout parameters differently so that you have a free space below your video. Change the webView example and see if you understand what is happening.

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The project is more like that for my family and friends