Path finding algorithm?

I made a simple background maker for my phone, I’m thinking about making one the fills the whole screen. should I use a pathfinding algorithm, and if so which one?
I put some examples on if you’re interested.

A* is usually the go to. Otherwise djikstra but djikstra is no a*.

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thx, I found a p5js example for A* and read an article and I’ll just reverse it <3

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This is my attempt at pathfinding, its designed on a hexagonal grid.

Ive implemented djikstra, djikstra with multi path and an alternative to a* which provides step count from each node to every other node. Although this isnt yet complete.

Also not it is slow as i do not make use of PGraphics.

Paths have parent nodes and can also be used to pathfind.

For an understanding of the a* algorithm you could always check Dan Shiffman

A comparison of the different algorithms.

Depth first, breadth first, djikstra, a*