Maze generator and pathfinder

Maze generator, generates random hexagonal mazes with a number of variable mazeBuilders(not sure what else to call them). Change the size of the tiles, the size of the grid, and the number of mazeBuilders, the more there are the faster the maze is built.
Will add pathfinding later, djikstra, and a complete node to node map, these are features yet to be coded. This is all based on my previous attempt in p5.js, which was coded a while ago, and didnt make use of classes as efficiently. I will also be making use of a prebuilt library to make the menus, and buttons, not sure yet which one.

note each mazeBuilder then reconnects to another path by checking which ones are already connected so there should be no closed off paths, it is a feature that can be added, though as its a simple boolean check.

original project

note I couldnt upload it for live preview on open processing I think it may have something to do with the use of ArrayUtils