Passing preferences as arguments to java-processing

I’m looking for a way to pass


as arguments to processing-java CLI.

Is the only way to change them in preferences.txt or are there ways to pass them on the command line?


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Maybe a look at the source code of the processing-java CLI might help.

It’s difficult to find it though, as the project is so large. Could anyone please point me to the source file on Github? Thanks.

I found the source. It’s here:

It seems like there is/was a --preferences= argument planned that allows to

pass in a prefs path if that was specified

but the code is commented out. At least, for now, it doesn’t seem like there is any other option other than modifying preferences.txt directly. I think it would be a good option though. In my case, I don’t like to make these changes permanently.


I’ve requested support here:

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